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Doug From Michigan

I just wanted to drop you a line a let you know how happy we are with our Frame Locks.  We recently went on a trip down to Kentucky, about 1200 miles one-way for us.  There were four bikes in my trailer.  I think on the way down we stopped at every rest area just to check on the bikes, since it was our first trip with the Frame Lock.

We have trailer a lot before and I think every trip straps would be loose sooner or later.  On one trip my buddies bike came loose and tried making little bikes with mine, not good!  Needless to say we had nothing to worry about, non of the bikes moved an inch.  On our way back we never even opened the door to check

Another thing you were right about was how easy they are to use!  In the time it would have taken to get straps out, four bikes were easily loaded and ready to go!

In closing I would like to thank you very much for all your time you put into custom designing these for my trailer.  we can load however we want, any number we want up to five.

You have got a winner!
Our whole bunch will testify to that!  

Dave From Wisconsin

I finally got around to opening up the boxes.  Looks great.... Thanks.

I just purchased a 2009 Road King for Sturgis this year.  I plan on putting my Road King and another friends Ultra Classic ahead of my ‘34 Ford Hi Boy in my trailer for going out to Sturgis.  Without the Frame Lock systems, I couldn’t get them all in my enclosed trailer safely, because of the space for all of the straps that would have been needed.  My past experience with Frame Lock gives me all the confidence in the world that my car and bikes will be safe.


Micheal  From Washington

Thank you for your patience I do appreciate it.  Your product is by far the best thing I have ever seen.  Your professionalism is by far superior to any I have experiences in the past

Thank you again.