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John A. from WI


We just completed a 2500 mile trip with our toy hauler equipped with the Frame Lock system. It worked perfectly!!!! Nothing moved! The bikes were so easy to load and unload. We are so pleased with the product and with the excellent level of customer service that we received from DRM. This is the best motorcycle related product I have seen in my 35 years of riding. Thanks!!

Don B. from OK


The Frame Lock is better than any other method for transporting my H-D Electra Glide.  It sure is nice to not have to worry about my bike being damaged when I haul it on my trailer.  I love your product and want to tell you how much I appreciate doing business with a company that responds as you have to a customers needs.

Dave M from WI

I recently took a trip, a 1000 mile down and a 1000 mile back, and had absolutely no movement while in transit with the Frame Locks.  I show the Frame Locks to everyone that has an interest in hauling their motorcycle.  I also really stress the fact that the Frame Lock creates no compression on the motorcycles suspension.  I have not encountered anyone who doesn't think the Frame Lock is great.

Dave S. from WI

I currently own a Frame Lock for my Heritage Softail.  I strongly recommend the Frame Lock System and will be looking for new hardware when I purchase my next bike.

Richard S. from New York

I have purchased two sets of the frame lock product in May 07 one for a 2003 Road King and one for a 2006 Heritage Classic. This is an excellent way to trailer a bike, it is the safest and easiest of all methods. there is no stress to the bike and its suspension that you have in the conventional tie down method, no need for ratchet straps. the product does all that it claims to do. The tech support is first rate which made the installation a snap. Since the installation in May 07 I have trailed 8000 miles and I never worried about the bikes. Arrive at your destination and just pull out the rod and take your bike out of the trailer, no marks on the chrome because you have no straps and no tire rub since you don't use wheel chocks.

This is the greatest idea in motorcycle transportation that really works.


Edwin A. Sr. from NJ

I just wanted to shoot you guys an e-mail and let you know that your product is outstanding. I have tried numerous other methods to transport my bike and nothing comes close to the ease and security your product provides. I was able to load and secure the bike in three minutes and unloaded in about the same. I did not need any straps. How cool is that.  It is the best product out there. Thank You.