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Ed From Texas

I have been trailering a bike (2001 Yamaha Venture Royals & 2003 Goldwing) for many years securing them with straps and a front tire lock. My wife let me get a 2009 Ultra Classic last year for Christmas.

My son who has a 2006 Street Glide told me about a demonstration of the Frame Lock system he had seen. After checking out your website and testimonials I was convinced this was what I needed to secure my bike to the trailer. I purchased one and quickly decided I had made a wise decision. I just got back from trailering it to and from Tennessee,

1599 miles round trip, without a problem. This is the only way to trailer a bike. When I secured my bike with straps I was always retightening them every time I stopped. With the Frame Lock it was always as tight as when I started. I would highly recommend this system to anyone. In fact, I had a fellow from Oklahoma looking at and asking about the system while I was stopped for gas a a truckstop in Tennessee.

Brian Klock from Mitchell SD


On a recent trip we were hauling my Dad's new bike to be in an upcoming issue of Hot Bike and then Clint Bowyer, the NASCAR driver's, new ride back from Daytona. We got caught in a lake effects snow, ditched the truck and trailer into a ravine. Lots of rocking both going in and towing it out. NOT a SCRATCH on either of these custom creations. Why NOT Framelock is the question! Thanks!!

Justin from VA

The Frame Lock was great, allowing me to securely mount my Sportster to the cargo deck of my Pop-Up camper.  It was extremely easy to install and after a few tries, its nothing for my wife and I to load and offload the bike.

I am a huge fan of this product and
recommend it to any Harley Owner.

Luther From Maryland

I've been working with Mike.  He did a great job helping me get the Frame Lock mounted on my Aluma MC-10 single trailer.  I have a 2007 Street Glide.  I towed it down to Hamlet, NC from Maryland and back. I did not have a single problem. I highly recommend this product.

After the first 100 miles, I check the bike and it was solid.750 mile round trip and she is back home in the garage.  Could not ask for a better product.

Thanks Guys at Frame Lock for a great product.

Steve From Arizona

I purchased the Frame Locks for a 2008 1200N & FLHRC on short notice.  They arrived in 3 days.  Minor engineering difficulties with the Sportster due to the lower than usual frame, but a small piece of plywood fixed that.

After installing in the Leonard 6'x10' trailer, it was time for the test. 2550 miles from the coast of NC to the deserts of south west AZ.  Along the way, I was advised on the phone to tighten the straps down on my bikes due to the rough roads.  I laughed and said there were no straps to tighten.  Long story short, neither of the Harley's budged an inch during the trek across the country.

Thank you Mike & staff for an outstanding product and fast friendly customer service.